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Once again I managed to snag the claim of a fellow fan artist, this time [ profile] geckoholic, and feel very intimidated. Luckily she seems to like my interpretations of her fic.

Fic: Devil Man
Author: [ profile] geckoholic
Fandoms: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Gen
Summary: S6 AU (sort of), goes off from canon roundabout halfway into Swan Song:
Michael didn't take Adam as his vessel for the final fight, so after the devil went off wearing Sam,Dean says yes as well. But the fight that followed got interrupted, for reasons neither Sam nor Dean remember. Both angels and demons seemingly packed up and left, and what's left behind is a world that got shaken by a bunch of natural disasters.

Two years later the brothers and Castiel still struggle with the aftermath of the apocalypse and
everything that led up to it when Sam starts to behave strangely. But Lucifer is gone . . Or is he?







Fic Art


He looks over to Sam, taking in his slightly bloodshot eyes and the dark shadows under his eyes. Sometimes he thinks they never went away after that fateful day in May two years ago.


Much of the action takes place in a semi-permanent camp. I just loved the thought of the Impala off road.


He dreams of it - of him - sometimes. Not memories, exactly, more an impression of Michael himself. Some things he must've left behind in Dean's mind, because Dean couldn't possibly know them otherwise: Heaven, ancient times. Angels he never met.


It doesn't matter how often Dean tells himself that they did everything they possibly could to prevent the apocalypse from happening at all, he's not ever going to believe it. On one of their many wakeful nights since then, Sam told him some geeky shit about roads you don't take and a science theory that says that every time a human being makes a decision, there's a parallel universe developing in which it decides the exact opposite.

Dean likes to think that's true, and that somewhere out there another Dean's taking long hot showers, watching TV all night and eating burgers and truck stop-pie whenever he wants to and, most importantly, has a brother by his side who doesn't know a thing about what it feels like to have the devil wear him to the prom.


This was the one scene I really wanted to create once I read the fic. I don't think I did it justice, but it was fun to try to distill it to panels.



Click on either cover to download.

01. Black Treacle - Arctic Monkeys
02. The World - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
03. Lines to Follow - J. Forte
04. Belt of Orion - The Belle Brigade
05. Wrong Directions - Martin and James
06. Go for the Throat - The Elected
07. Take Another Look - The Cars
08. Lake of Silver Bells - Carbon Leaf
09. Drag You Down - The Pierces
10. Death of Communication - Company of Thieves
11. Devil Man - Livingston
12. Wild Feeling - Ezra Furman & the Harpoons
13. Greatest Show on Earth - The Feeling

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