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First off, thank you so much for writing for me. I am sure I will love whatever you create. Optional details are optional, so feel free to ignore all of this blather as I would rather have you enjoy writing a fic than worrying about trying to please me. (Also, yes, bits of this were c/p'ed from last year's letter, of which some was copied from the year before that, and even some stuff from the year before that or the year before that.)

Here is some non-fandom specific stuff that might help you:

  • I tend to throw out a lot of prompts in my requests. Not only are they all optional, but there is no need to try to cram all of the prompts into one, and there are none I would like to see more than the others.

  • I am OK with character death and in-fic violence and I love apocafic. If you run out of other ideas, kill (almost) everybody in the world off and I will love it. The darker and creepier the better.

  • I prefer gen to het/slash/femslash and would not like to receive porn for Yuletide.

  • I like: plot, ensembles, banter, found families, fully realized characters and settings, adventures, interesting narrative voices and people who bring the funny.

  • I dislike: character bashing, infidelity, kidfic, ignoring the women and characters of color, introspective character pieces, incest, schmoop and pwp.

  • IRC I can often be found in the #yuletide chatroom. I use the nickname kristin (or sometimes hippo-kristin), so you can avoid or stalk as you please.

Lupe Fiasco - Works

Request - From the realism of Kick, Push to the surreal metaphors of Gotta Eat to the fantastic AU put forth in All Black Everything, I adore Lupe Fiasco and the stories he tells. I requested any of the nominated songs, and I meant it. And if you wanted to explore any of his other songs, I would not object.

If you wanted to tell me about Fred Astaire doing backspins, that would be astounding. (Really, anything related to the cultural changes discussed in All Black Everything would be amazing.) Feel free to run wild with any part of that AU.

Or, obviously his music is prime ground for some apocafic. How about the kids in Kick, Push? How would they get on in the zombie uprisings from The Cool, or the sickness from Streets on Fire? And are those latter two the same thing? Maybe they meet up with the couple from Sunshine? What about a rebellion against the state, from State Run Radio to End of the World? Do they turn out to be the ones discovered in Unforgivable Youth?

About the Fandom - Lupe Fiasco is a hip hop artist who tend towards to be conscious hip hop, which focuses on social issues, though it is certainly not limited to that. He has been rapping since he was 17 and thus far released four albums and five mixtapes. I love them all, and sincerely recommend you acquire them even if you don’t plan on writing for this prompt.

He, like most good musicians, is storyteller at heart. His work is smart and thoughtful, though sometimes it can be overly so. (I loved Phonte’s comparison of him to The Newsroom.)

Whether he is talking about the misogyny in hip hop
Now I ain't trying to be the greatest
I used to hate hip-hop, yup, because the women degraded
But Too Short made me laugh, like a hypocrite I played it
A hypocrite, I stated, though I only recited half
Omitting the word "bitch", cursing - I wouldn't say it

Or just about a one night stand

She says "that I've been waiting for you"
And I know you've been chasing me too since they kidnapped me from a castle
I been thinking of you
I told her "fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me" or he be sorry when he meets my one man army
And thou has come to rescue me
My knight in shining armor yes you be
Woken up by the horn of an SUV
I said "see, too beautiful to let you sleep"

his words tell stories that ring true.

About the Request -
If you are not feeling the prompt for the fandom you signed up for, this will be the easiest of my fandoms to pick up, and the possibilities are endless. Feel free to ditch all of my prompts and write anything that catches your fancy.

While I would obviously adore apocafic, as a lot of his music is geared towards that, I would not mind slice of slice for any of his characters, from The Cool, to what happens to the protagonist of Hip-Hop Has saved my life to really anything. I will admit I would prefer fic about one of his characters, rather than Lupe’s more personal songs. Musicians and their lifestyles are not really what interest me. But if that is the story you want to tell, go for it!

I haven’t listened to the complete Lupe discography, but I am pretty damn close. I am more familiar with the albums than the mixtapes, and of those mixtapes, I know Enemy of the State the best. Of the albums, The Cool is my favorite by a hair, but I do have and enjoy them all.

One very small note, if you decide you want to include angels etc in your fic and are eyeing Lamborghini Angels, I prefer the version that appeared as Angels on the Enemy of the State mixtape to the album version.

Availability -
As this fandom is made up of various songs, it is very very easy to find. You can support Lupe by buying through iTunes, or you can simply search on YouTube. If you haven’t listened before, I recommend starting with his second album, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

The League (TV)
(Jenny MacArthur)

Request - I want to know so much more about Jenny. We see a lot of Kevin’s friends, but what about hers? Does she follow any other sports? We know she works in real estate, but how does she explain away the madness of The League to her clients and/or coworkers?

Or how about some background fic? How did Jenny and Kevin get together? What tests did Pete make her pass before she was approved to marry Kevin? Is her family as crazy as her in-laws? How did Jenny maneuver Kevin into letting her make the decisions for his team pre-Season 1?

I do enjoy Jenny & Kevin’s relationship on the show, so please don’t break them up. If you wanted to throw Pete into the mix, if only for the awkwardness afterwards, I could see that.

About the Fandom - The League is a currently running sitcom airing on FX. It is about a group of (insane and ridiculous) members of a fantasy football league. It is over the top, profane and awful in a lot of ways. But I do love it.

And one of the reason I do is, as over the top as the characters are, they ring very very true to me. The men of the show talk to each other in ways that are very familiar to some of the men in my life.

More than that, I love how freaking fannish they all are over their football. They fanboy and girl over the players, pore over stacks, geek out over insiders etc.

About the Request -
Jenny is so appealing to me. Not just because she is the only female lead, but because she is just so freaking funny. I love how she pwns the guys and knows more than they do about football. I love how assured she is. I love that she definitely has flaws.

I also love her potty mouth and skills with insults. Also, I know the show can be offensive and gross and misogynistic and basically every -ism under the sun. You can include that or not, however you feel comfortable. And honestly, this is a fandom where I would feel uncomfortable with getting an “issuefic”, unless it was the characters from the show failing to learn anything and making fun of the person trying to inform them.

As I mentioned in my prompt, I do enjoy the Kevin and Jenny relationship. I also adore both of their friendships with Pete, so if you wanted to show Jenny bonding with Pete, or possibly a ridic threesome attempt, I would love it.

As for the rest of the characters, I would prefer no or limited Rafi. Ruxin, Taco and Andre are all fine.

Availability -
The League is currently on its 5th season. The first four are available through Netflix, and all seasons, including the current one, are available through iTunes. They are also torrents available in the obvious places.

Also, in case you are daunted, the seasons are all under 14 episodes.

The Unusuals
(Eric Delahoy)

Request - I want post-series fic about Delahoy dealing with the tumor. Or not dealing with it as the case may be. I am tempted to make a very bad pun about how only throwing out one prompt is unusual for me, but I am going to refrain.

I watched the show as it aired, then rewatched last year, and both times I was left with lots and lots of questions about Delahoy. Did he ever actually tell Leo and the rest of the squad? Or did something, good or bad, happen before he could? Did he start making mistakes until it couldn’t be ignored? Did he have surgery, or did he die? If he doesn’t, does Banks ever forgive him for not telling him (sooner)? I honestly don’t care how you resolve this cliffhanger, I just want to hear what you think happened to him. I prefer gen or canon pairings for this fandom.

About the Fandom -
The Unusuals was an ABC cop show about a very odd group of detectives tasked with solving even odder cases. It was goofy and delightful, and very very cancelled. It only lasted 10 episodes before being put out to the curb.

I loved it for its humor as well as its heart. The characters honestly seemed to enjoy each other (well, except for Eddie Alvarez, but he likes himself more than enough to make up for it.).

My favorite characters are Delahoy, Banks, Cole and Beaumont. I love Delahoy’s wit and mix of delight and apathy at the crazy things he sees. I love Banks’ quirks and the way he commits to them. I love Cole fullstop. And Beaumont is just amazing. (The scene where Cole and Beaumont are in the therapist’s office is my favorite of the series.)

About the Request -
If you read any of my other prompts, you know usually I throw out a ton. But this is the rare fandoms where there is a story that I need. And while I know it is a well tread path in this fandom (as much as any is) I still just need to know.

Delahoy is my favorite, and I love the tumor storyline. I love how it colors his interactions with everyone on the show, and even the person only he can see. I love his relationship with Banks, and the way Banks’ 42 curse plays off Delahoy’s plight. If you want to write the fic about how there is actually some supernatural tie between the two, well, I would to see it.

Like I said in the prompt, I do have a decided preference for gen in this fandom. I don’t mind mentions of canon pairings, but for me this show is all about the friendship, and see the squad through a lens of found family.

Availability -
This show was tragically cut short too soon, and all 10 eps can be found through torrent sites.

The Wire
(Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell)

Request - I would love any fic for this fandom. Feel free to ignore all my prompts and write whatever you want. If you want some ideas, though, I have plenty. How did Stringer and Avon get to their positions at the beginning of the series? What does a Barksdale family dinner look like? (And what about Stringer’s family? We know a lot about Avon’s.) Or how about an AU where one of them got out of the game?

Also, I know this is a ridiculously specific and hard prompt probably of interest only to me, but if you did want to write me the AU where Stringer became a baseball player and Avon followed his canon trajectory while they still remain codependent, and the messiness that would ensue, I would certainly not object.

About the Fandom - The Wire is an HBO drama about Baltimore that ran for 5 seasons. It is deeply realistic, with a wide range of characters. While it is often billed as a procedural, it is so much more. Each season focused on a different aspect of Baltimore: the cops and dealers in the projects, the docks, politics, schools and newspapers. And it was utterly brilliant.

It is like a great novel put on screen, with layers and histories building up. Each season adds more depth to the city and the characters in it. It is well acted, directed and written. All the pieces work together at a high level to create something wonderful. The cast is fucking gorgeous, too. Idris Elba alone is hotter than the sun. Every bit of this universe is so fully realized. Everything has consequences The impacts of each decision ripple out throughout the city and community. There are not characters existing in

isolation, or plot-lines that exist only for sweeps. Everything matters, because everything works together. As a result, things change and grow. There are many fully realized queer characters for whom that is one part of them, not their complete characterization. Same thing, only with characters of color. In fact, there are fully realized queer characters of color!

I recommend this pimping post if you are considering starting this canon.

About my request - I love this show and just want more fic for it. I love these characters. I love the bleakness. I love that the good guys don’t always win, and when they do win it doesn’t mean that things improve. I love that everything has consequences. Basically ♥ my show.

For the past couple years I have been requesting Wire fic that features “canon pairings or gen unless you want to write the epic (love) story of Avon and Stringer”. This year, after receiving some amazing gorgeous Wire fic, in the past I decided to place the emphasis on the second part of that sentence.

Yes, I do ship them. And yes, I would love fic about their relationship, though it does not have to be romantic, and I really really do not require porn (in fact, I do shy away from the latter). Also, I know I said above that I don't like romance-centric fic, but this is an exception. (Though if you do go the romance route, these guys would probably not make flowery declarations of love, use pet names etc.)

I love their codependency (B&B enterprises!) I love how their skill sets balance out each other and their temperaments do too. I love that after the events of season 1 they keep growing in different directions and yet how they can never disentangle from one another. I love the heartbreak of their canon endings, so unless you go full blown AU, please don’t try to fix that. I would rather have a fic in this fandom stay grounded in the show’s reality and break my heart than go for a false happily ever after.

My favorite characters I didn’t request include Bodie, Carver, Bubbles, Shardene and Bunny, while I am least interested in the season 5 characters, McNulty or Carcetti.

Availability - The Wire ran on HBO for five seasons (being HBO, the most eps any season had was 13). It is available on DVD or can be found through other avenues which are slightly less legal such as torrents.


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