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Last SPN art post of the year! Thanks to [personal profile] sunspot for being so enthusiastic about working with me, even when I decided to try a new style.

Which leads me to a caveat: While I can design and can use shapes to create icons and logos in Illustrator, freehand work or even tracing is not my forte. Proceed with caution is all I am saying.

Fic: The Maiden Voyage of the S.S. Bad Touch
Author: [personal profile] sunspot
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): References to Sam/Ruby
Take one demon and add an angel. Subtract their powers and strand far from humans. The math is conclusive. It's time to get off the island.

Even if it means paddling.


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Thanks to the the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang mods for their awesome work again this year.
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Once again I managed to snag the claim of a fellow fan artist, this time [ profile] geckoholic, and feel very intimidated. Luckily she seems to like my interpretations of her fic.

Fic: Devil Man
Author: [ profile] geckoholic
Fandoms: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Gen
Summary: S6 AU (sort of), goes off from canon roundabout halfway into Swan Song:
Michael didn't take Adam as his vessel for the final fight, so after the devil went off wearing Sam,Dean says yes as well. But the fight that followed got interrupted, for reasons neither Sam nor Dean remember. Both angels and demons seemingly packed up and left, and what's left behind is a world that got shaken by a bunch of natural disasters.

Two years later the brothers and Castiel still struggle with the aftermath of the apocalypse and
everything that led up to it when Sam starts to behave strangely. But Lucifer is gone . . Or is he?



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Yes, this is my second post in a row that is big bang art. At least you get to enjoy the pretty (hopefully)?

This is the unique art attempted by [ profile] attempt_unique for Unique.


I might have picked this fic for the coordinating title, but I am so glad I did. The Dexter voice is amazingly great, the fic is wonderful, and [ profile] claudiapriscus was a joy to work with.

Fic: Unique Link to fic now up!
Author: [ profile] claudiapriscus
Fandoms: Supernatural, Dexter
Pairing(s): Gen
It's a prize Dexter can hardly resist: a notorious mass murder who has eluded the law time and time again - to say nothing of convincingly faking his death several times. Dexter intends to fix that. It'll stick this time: he'll see to it.


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My first big bang post of the year, for [ profile] thesocialbbang.

Creating art for this fic was so much fun, despite, or maybe because of, the limited time frame we had for this round. (See: my love of pinch hits, deadlines etc. Makes things exciting. I actually had these done within 48 hours of getting the fic.)

Hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

Fic: And I Will Hold On
Author: [ profile] venus_aurea
Fandom: The Social Network
Pairing(s): Eduardo/Mark
Warning(s): deals with mental health issues
Summary: AU. When Mark mysteriously disappears one morning, Eduardo begins to question his own sanity and starts to see a therapist, hoping to figure out the puzzle of his relationship with Mark.

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ETA: Fic is now up. Plus, now I have an appropriate icon.
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Here is the accompanying mix I mad for [ profile] werewolfbigbang. I have listened to these songs far too often over the past couple weeks and hope you enjoy it as much I do.

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I really enjoy making fanmixes, putting together songs to work with the fic as well as with each other. I really try to make each song serve a purpose, either musically or lyrically. This is an explanation of the songs I chose for [ profile] phate_phoenix's fic Polar Night. Contains some spoilers for the fic. The rest of the art is here.

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