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Yuletide has come and almost gone, and I haven't posted about my marvelous gifts. Clearly that is a fact that needs to be fixed. This year, as in the past, I am overwhelmed by the awesome fics Yuletide has produced. I haven't had as much of a chance to write or read this year (damn awesome new job and the beginnings of a social life! clearly I need to forgo you during Yuletide) but I did get a chance to read the trio of wonderful fics all for me!

Just a Passageway (3074 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: The Wire
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ellis Carver, Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, Preston 'Bodie' Broadus, Original Female Character

Sergeant Carver needs to get out from behind his desk once in a while, so he pays a call on a resident of the Western, and learns a few things.
Set early in Season 4

OMG, circle. This fic is amazingness incarnate, The author took the time to include my favorite characters (Carver! Bodie! Bubbles!) as well as an amazing OFC to tell a perfectly Wire tale. So much love for this fic. Seriously, why are you still reading this entry and not the fic?

A Pharaoh From The West (100 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Hip Hop RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kanye West, Jay Pharaoh

Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?

You must go read this fic. It is a little piece of perfection in drabble form. I obviously have no idea who could write such awesomeness *cough* but if I did, I would twirl them because this, this is greatness.

Consequences (Brap Brap Brap) (543 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Attack the Block (2011)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Moses

Moses was a legend on the block

I am seriously the luckiest. Just read that summary and tell me that I am not. See, you can't. &Moses; &thisfic; &thisauthor; <33333333333333

Also, a non-Yuletide rec that is a long time coming because I suck.

Every year I try to do some art for the Fall Fandom Free-for-All. This year I did a few wallpapers, and in return I got something so amazing it blows my mind. [ profile] bardofcogs did a freaking amazing podfic of my fic Down in the Valley. And she did it awesomely. I've been traveling quite a bit lately and have listened to this a ton and I love it more with every listen. And that has nothing to do with my sub-par writing and everything to do with her awesome reading. Love Love Love.

Lastly, if you guess any of the five fics I wrote for Yuletide, you can claim either a drabble or 3 icons. Now for some hints.

  • All the fics were over 1k words, and not in the Madness collection. None are crossovers, and all of them are under 5k.

  • My assignment fic was written for a canon I have never written before, but I adore for being hilarious.

  • Unless you already knew, you will not guess my first pinch hit. But the title of the fic comes from a hymn.

  • I wrote one treat, which is so obvious I might as well have put my name on it. It features both a fandom and characters I have written before.

  • My second pinch hit is another fandom I have never mentioned before. It is also the weirdest thing I have ever written. (Yes, even more so than the Leverage/Othello crossover.)

  • My third, and final, pinch hit was titled from a lyric from one of my favorite hip hop artists.

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Hello there gorgeous,

(For being my Yuletide author you are surely kind and wonderful and talented and, yes, gorgeous.)

First off, thank you so much for writing for me. I am sure I will love whatever you create, whether you read this letter or not. Optional details are optional, so feel free to ignore all of this blather if you prefer writing with fewer details. However, if you like long-winded prompts, details about my request and the availability of the fandoms, this is the letter for you.

But first, here is some non-fandom specific stuff that might help you. (Also, yes, bits of this were c/p'ed from last year's letter, of which some was copied from the year before that.)
  • If you include porn in your fic, I will scroll past it.

  • I am OK with character death and I love apocafic. If you run out of other ideas, kill (almost) everybody in the world off and I will love it.

  • Racial diversity = awesome. Isms, not so much. However, I do prefer realism over sugar-coated, so if you want your fic to deal realistically with -isms I would not object.

  • I like: plot, ensembles, banter, found families, apocafic, fully realized characters and settings, adventures, interesting narrative voices and people who bring the funny.

  • I dislike: character bashing, romance-centric fic, infidelity, high school AUs, kidfic, ignoring the women and characters of color, introspective character pieces, incest, schmoop and pwp.

  • How to stalk me: It is a Yuletide tradition to stalk your recipient. To that end: my delicious & my fic. I can also often be found in the #yuletide chatroom. I use the nickname kristin, so you can avoid or stalk as you please.

And now for the fandom specific stuff:

attack the block )

hip hop rpf )

newsradio )

the wire )

Congrats for getting through that beast of a letter, and may your yuletide be filled with awesome things that do not include stressing about pleasing me. (For I am easy, fic-wise.)
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People, why is my life so very boring? Please don't answer that, for I fear it would result in a vicious cycle of tediousness.

Instead, let's talk fannish happenings. And since I do so very much love lists, I am employing the trusty bullets.
  • The season of big bangs has commenced! Feel free to make dirty jokes about banging and big things as you please. This weekend I finished art for two claims, one for the first round of [ profile] thesocialbbang and the other for [ profile] sncross_bigbang. (Yes, I officially failed at writing for the latter, so claimed an awesome fic to make art for instead.)

    I also have two more fics in my possession in need of art (for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang) for which I have plans and ideas. So many ideas! (And also, awesomely, lots and lots of time until they will be posted.)

  • Relatedly, lend me your ears! Or rather, lend me the thing you listen to with your ears, aka music! While putting together mixes I realized my music collection is in need of a good turnover. What are you listening to these days, oh wonderful circle of friends?

    I (obviously) have been listening to Lupe's new album. (You should have seen my face when Lasers leaked. It was like :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Only happier. And not actually an emoticon.) Sadly, it did not quite live up to my expectations, though truthfully that would have been very hard. But I still recommend it, as well as all of his past catalog.

  • This week marks the ending of most of the shows I follow. I am considering doing a roundup of this TV season and why I started/stopped/continued watching certain shows. However, I think I would need to break out my Teal Deer Crossing sign if I did that.

    I have been following the ongoing Upfronts, because, yes, I am that kind of a TV geek. I am super excited for Awake and Alcatraz, and kinda meh about all the other announced new shows so far. I have very mixed feelings about the fact that NBC declined to pick up Wonder Woman. Gimme fantastic female superheros, please and thank you. On the other hand, well, script, costume and David E. Kelly involvement all pointed to awful television territory.

  • Lastly. Here is my in-depth critique of this week's Doctor Who.

    no real spoilers )
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Dear lovely Yuletide author,

Most importantly: you are awesome.

Thank you so much for writing a fic for me! I am sure I will love whatever you create! I want a fic that the author was happy writing, so feel free to ignore this if you work best without extra info.

I've included my requests as well as some additional information about why these fandoms are awesome. But first here is some non-fandom specific stuff that might help you.
  • If you include porn in your fic I will probably scroll past it.

  • I am ok with character death and I love apocafic. If you run out of other ideas, kill (almost) everybody in the world off and I will love it.

  • I also love positive racial diversity lots. If you want some beta help in that regards, or just want to check out an awesome project, go to [community profile] dark_agenda. (Also, should go without saying, but please don't racefail.)

  • I like: plot, ensembles, banter, found families, fully realized settings, adventures, interesting narrative voices and people who bring the funny.

  • I dislike: character bashing, romance-centric fic, infidelity, kidfic, ignoring women and characters of color, introspective character pieces, incest, schmoop, gratuitous angst, h/c, pwp, and mpreg.

  • How to stalk me: It is a time honored Yuletide tradition to stalk your recipient. To that end: my delicious & my fic. I can often be found in the #yuletide chatroom. I use the nickname kristin, so you can avoid or stalk as you please.

The Wire )

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High )

Kanye West )

Runaway )

Wow! Ok, so this yule letter is long enough to qualify to be a Yuletide fic. Congrats for making it through, and again, thank you for writing for one of my small fandoms.
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[ profile] tardis_bigbang was my first big bang challenge ever, last year. So I was delighted to do it again this year. You can find the art I did this year either embedded with the fics or here on the website or here on the feedback journal for the challenge. Go check it out!

This year I was assigned [ profile] quean_of_swords's fic Noble Persuits. It is a delightful Donna-centric 10.2/Rose fic set in Pete's World. I had a lot of fun reading a making art for it. It also inspired my favorite piece I made for any challenge this year:

yes, that is an octopus holding a lantern )
Not my typical style, but it actually came out just how I pictured it which is very rare for me.

I also betaed two fabulous fics: Roll on Yesterday by [personal profile] the_afterlight and Rule 39 by [ profile] hhertzof. This year we could collaborate with our authors, but I got permission from the mods to keep the art I did for them a secret. I would insert an evil laugh here, but it tends to come out as more of a giggle.

I also did a last minute bonus round for art and did a piece for Adventure of a Lifetime: Relationships by [ profile] malicehaughton.

When I was pulling together links for this post I stumbled across the art I did for last year. And now I kinda want to kick younger me for signing up when I'd only been using Photoshop for 6 mo. (And I'm sure next year I will look back on all my work from this year thinking "why did you do this, younger self? you still haven't figured out using a tablet and your manips are highly unrealistic?) But at least I've improved. I try to emulate my beloved Kanye and try to be a doper person. (Seriously, there are few things in life I am more irrational about than Kanye. His twitter is doing nothing to quell my desire to be him when I grow up.)

oh kanye

Sep. 14th, 2009 07:38 am
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sometimes kanye makes it hard to be a fan. i am so torn between loling at him (i mean, he pulls this shit again?) and face palming.

at least this time his rant was in favor of someone else (who deserved to win)? i think taylor swift is adorable. i actually legit bought her album. (mostly for my little sisters, but i kept some of the tracks myself.) but that video was ridiculously generic and in no way better than beyonce's single ladies, which, love it or hate it, was innovative, had a clear artistic vision and made an impact on pop culture.

but i can't actually say that without a qualifier now, because it makes me look like too much of a kanye apologist. as someone commented on an idolator post, Kanye’s very rarely wrong on the merits. It’s the arrogance and exuberance that eclipses his points that is so troubling for many. sometimes his actions diminish the power of his statement.

as for the rumors that he was high/drunk, or that it was a stunt? i will totes buy that he was drunk (just check out the wire photos of before the show, he was toting around a bottle of hennesy.) but i don't think this was a setup to stir up controversy, mostly due to his blogging and the fact that it was the first televised award of the show, and he was still up for awards.

also, on a more shallow note, i love beyonce and her hotass husband. their performances were definitely the strongest of the night for me. (though i appreciated pinks acrobatics and lady gaga's theatricality.)


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