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Yuletide has come and almost gone, and I haven't posted about my marvelous gifts. Clearly that is a fact that needs to be fixed. This year, as in the past, I am overwhelmed by the awesome fics Yuletide has produced. I haven't had as much of a chance to write or read this year (damn awesome new job and the beginnings of a social life! clearly I need to forgo you during Yuletide) but I did get a chance to read the trio of wonderful fics all for me!

Just a Passageway (3074 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: The Wire
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ellis Carver, Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, Preston 'Bodie' Broadus, Original Female Character

Sergeant Carver needs to get out from behind his desk once in a while, so he pays a call on a resident of the Western, and learns a few things.
Set early in Season 4

OMG, circle. This fic is amazingness incarnate, The author took the time to include my favorite characters (Carver! Bodie! Bubbles!) as well as an amazing OFC to tell a perfectly Wire tale. So much love for this fic. Seriously, why are you still reading this entry and not the fic?

A Pharaoh From The West (100 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Hip Hop RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kanye West, Jay Pharaoh

Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?

You must go read this fic. It is a little piece of perfection in drabble form. I obviously have no idea who could write such awesomeness *cough* but if I did, I would twirl them because this, this is greatness.

Consequences (Brap Brap Brap) (543 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Attack the Block (2011)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Moses

Moses was a legend on the block

I am seriously the luckiest. Just read that summary and tell me that I am not. See, you can't. &Moses; &thisfic; &thisauthor; <33333333333333

Also, a non-Yuletide rec that is a long time coming because I suck.

Every year I try to do some art for the Fall Fandom Free-for-All. This year I did a few wallpapers, and in return I got something so amazing it blows my mind. [ profile] bardofcogs did a freaking amazing podfic of my fic Down in the Valley. And she did it awesomely. I've been traveling quite a bit lately and have listened to this a ton and I love it more with every listen. And that has nothing to do with my sub-par writing and everything to do with her awesome reading. Love Love Love.

Lastly, if you guess any of the five fics I wrote for Yuletide, you can claim either a drabble or 3 icons. Now for some hints.

  • All the fics were over 1k words, and not in the Madness collection. None are crossovers, and all of them are under 5k.

  • My assignment fic was written for a canon I have never written before, but I adore for being hilarious.

  • Unless you already knew, you will not guess my first pinch hit. But the title of the fic comes from a hymn.

  • I wrote one treat, which is so obvious I might as well have put my name on it. It features both a fandom and characters I have written before.

  • My second pinch hit is another fandom I have never mentioned before. It is also the weirdest thing I have ever written. (Yes, even more so than the Leverage/Othello crossover.)

  • My third, and final, pinch hit was titled from a lyric from one of my favorite hip hop artists.

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I happened to stop on my profile the other day and I realized I missed my 5th year anniversary on LJ. I suppose I should do some meme or other in celebration, but realistically I don't have time to make icons and I haven't been able to write anything for months. So let's not and say I did.

I realize I have been a bit absent, partly due to the time thing and the inability to write thing, but mostly because I have been feeling a bit disconnected from fandom. (Though I am, as always, overwhelmed and appreciative that people like my fanart. Really, people comment, and not just to tell me how awful it is! I am always amazed when that happens.)

But there have been a few vids that have made me happy lately that I thought I should share:

Five Years Time by [ profile] gigglemonster (Parks and Rec)
This vid is love. Sorry for the old meme, but that is my legit reaction to this. I love the song choice and the effervescence that fills it. I dare you to watch it and not smile.

When the Ship Comes In by [personal profile] chaila (The Wire)
I did not expect the song choice but it works so freaking well to demonstrate the wonderfully tragic relationship of Stringer and Avon. My initial thought was to just tell all of you to watch it and write me lots of fic, but due to spoilers: Go watch The Wire, then watch this vid, then write me lots of fic. And seriously, it will be worth your time to complete all those steps.

Welcome Home by [ profile] barkley (Friday Night Lights)
I miss this show already. This vid doesn't mitigate that (which would be more than a bit impossibly) but it does distill how great the show was.

It's the End of the World as We Know It by [personal profile] danegen (Community)
Even a wildly overused song, when applied correctly, can result in an awesome vid. Such is the case here.

You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate by [personal profile] settiai (Doctor Who [New])
PONDS! Ponds being precious and heroic and so perfect for each other.

And in case you were wondering, that vid rec also stands as my reaction to the latest ep.
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I have begun reading my way through the Yuletide archive is a haphazard manner. Here are a few of the fics I have particularly enjoyed:

Gifts for Me! (c/ped from my reaction post because omg, so many fics to rec.)
The Way We Look at a Constellation - Fandom: Southland, Metropolis: the Chase Suite - Janelle Monae, Troubleshooter Inc. - Suzanne Brockmann, Graceland (Album).

Yes, just take that list of fandoms all in. (Made more impressive by the fact that I requested none of them this year.) It is a glorious, glorious fusion of awesome and amazing and epic.

Ready or Not is a motherfucking WIRE APOCAFIC. Oh, but wait it gets better. IT IS A MOTHERFUCKING WIRE APOCAFIC ABOUT RANDY AND CARVER. Someday I will be able to express my feelings without capslock. Today is not that day.

The Path Ahead is a wonderful crossover between the Sarah Jane audio books and Strange Days at Blake Holsey High and is full of awesome timey-wimey bits.

Other Recs
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these are the recs compiled from my first day of reading the yuletide 2008 archive. i have collected 41 recs in 29 fandoms. i didn't read in any particular order, so the collection of fandoms is scattered across the alphabet.

fandoms: arrested development, arthurian legend, castle in the sky, chrono trigger, die anstalt, dr horrible, dr seuss, entourage, fringe, macdonald hall, how i met your mother, into the woods, sense and sensibility, ladyhawke, life, little miss sunshine, vorkosigan, princess bride, psych, pushing daisies, scrubs, shawshank redemption, richard ii, singing in the rain, sneakers, stardust (movie), white christmas and the wire.

recs thisaway )

the fics with a star next to them means i was a beta for them.
eta: links fixed


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