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Thank you so much for writing for me! You are amazing, awesome and also things that start with letters other than 'a'. Sorry this is a little late.

In general, I prefer gen and/or canon pairings. I love all the wonderful women on the shows I requested, so anything that celebrates, stars or critiques in an interesting way any of them I would be delighted. I requested a bunch of different fandoms, but I would love fic for any of them equally.

  • The Good Wife (TV) - I love Alicia. Full stop. I love her complicated relationships with, well everyone. I love her fierceness and her quiet and everything. Also, I am always happy when Diane is on my TV, so anything with her would be a delight. If you want to write me Kalinda fic know that my favorite thing about her is her mystique.

  • Sports Night - Dana. Dana and sports. Dana and Natalie. Dana and Isaac. Danna and Dan. If you don't feel like writing Dana, I do love every single one of the characters on the show.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) - Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my happy place, so feel free to play. I don't have a specific prompt, just adoration for this show.

  • How I Met Your Mother - Robin and the mother becoming friends? Or Lily's adventures in California? Or Lily and her shopping addiction? Anything goes. Robin Sparkles' mall tour concert videos released into the wild?

  • Cougar Town - Ellie Torres is a treasure. How did she and Jules become friends? How, and why, did she marry Andy? Or how about lawyer Ellie on the case. Or just Ellie drinking wine?

  • New Girl - I love Jess' vivacity and joy. I love CeCe's everything. Again, this show is a happy place for me. Feel free to write me anything from a zany adventure to Jess getting her hair cut to simply hanging in the loft.

If you felt like mixing and matching I would not be opposed to a crossover (Robin gets arrested in Brooklyn, Dana needs a lawyer, Jess takes a dance class from Gina etc etc). And while it might appear I am all about the funny, I really don't mind serious things. You can read back through my Yuletide letters or the things I have written, but honestly, I am not that picky. Write what makes you happy and I'm sure I'll adore it.


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