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Icons! 20 of them! No, I have no more words!

challenge: [ profile] character20n20
fandom: Pushing Daisies
character: Charlotte "Chuck" Charles
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Here are the (very belated) results of the meme from my last entry where I asked people to posit scenarios with an unknown group of characters. I can now reveal the list:

1. Stringer Bell (the Wire)
2. Veronica Mars
3. Castiel (SPN)
4. Zoe (Firefly)
5. The Old Spice Man
6. Peggy (Mad Men)
7. Olive (Pushing Daisies)
8. Mark Zuckerburg (The Social Network)
9. Emerson (Pushing Daisies)
10. Troy (Community)
11. Katniss (Hunger Games)
12. Gus (Psych)
13. Brad Colbert (Generation Kill)
14. Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)
15. Omar Little (The Wire)

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I also did the Ao3 hitcount meme:

1. Meta Yuletide Fic - OSM (5126 hits)
2. Honey Pie - Telephone/Psuhing Daisies (761 hits)
3. Bordellos, Brothels and Berries, Oh My! - Pushing Daisies (447 hits)
4. It's Just the Way the Game is Played - The Wire (444 hits)
5. Just Moments - Mad Men (438 hits)
6. Those That Be Not What They Seem - Leverage/Othello (394 hits)
7. All My Wires Without Traces - Submachine (388 hits)
8. Today's Just a Day Like the Day that He Started - The Wire (280 hits)
9. Fine Dining in Baltimore - The Wire (247 hits)
10. The Rules of Roles - Entourage (235 hits)

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number of fics: 8
number of fandoms: 7
total wordcount: 22.5k words
number of pictures created (for myself and others): 4

I wrote, well, quite a few Yuletide fics. I’m going to go in more detail on the individual fics below, but it was interesting experience.

Assignment: Phalangeridae Didelphimorphia (or an Opossum’s Adventure) (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

My assignment was for a Fantastic Mr. Fox fic for Satchelfoot. They didn’t include any details, or put up a letter, which made things interesting. They did, luckily, use the Gen tag in addition to the characters (Kylie, Badger & Coach Skip) so I didn’t end up stressing about writing a threesome between an opossum, badger and … whatever the coach is. Instead I just wrote a gen adventure in which Kylie goes on a quest to find the wolves.

I spent a lot of time figuring out exactly what I was going to do with this one, rather than actually writing it. It was my first Yuletide assignment with no details, so I had to just guess what my recipient would like. I also had an issue in that when I offered this fandom I didn’t realize how much of love of this fic is about the visuals. I love the characters and the whimsical plot, but really; I see this fandom rather than hear it, and had a hard time getting the visuals across in my fic.

I also included two images with that fic (under the cut at the end of the post) illustrating two of Kylie’s dreams. I did this mostly to make up for my lackluster prose.

Pinch Hit Number One: Bordellos, Brothels and Berries, Oh My! (Pushing Daisies)

OK, so here is something you need to know about me. I am a pinch hit addict. I can’t help it. I see the emails come flooding into my inbox and I click reply as quickly as I can. The first pinch hit I picked up was very early in the process, which gave me time to write this a Pushing Daisies fic for [ profile] hllangel.

This fic was notable for two reasons: A. It is very much NOT GEN. (My first non-gen fic!) B. I managed to make it exactly 6666 words. (Unintentional? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.)

I love Pushing Daisies and had fun mimicking the narrator voice. It is the fic I fretted over the most, because it was so very far out of my wheelhouse. I am not sure the emotional resolution happens, or if my fade-to-black was satisfying. Also, now I can’t say I’ve never written anything but gen.

Pinch Hit Number Two: Honey Pie (Pushing Daisies/Telephone music video)

So yes, I also wrote this year’s crazy crossover for [ profile] ladyofjest, which is a Pushing Daisies mash-up with Lady Gaga’s Telephone video. My rationalization? They are both bright, colorful, over-the-top with occasional song and dance bits. (Also, when I snagged the pinch hit I realized I could do either and couldn’t decide.)

Now, I knew I wanted to write Emerson fic. Not only because Emerson is awesome, but because I had been failing to write much that fit the [community profile] dark_agenda challenge. I already had been working on my Pushing Daisies narrative voice for the previous pinch hit, so I knew I was going to use that. From there, this was actually pretty quick to write. I banged it out over the course of a couple days and am pretty satisfied with it. (I am, however, ticked that I misspelled a main character’s name through out. Honey B, no Honey Bee, self!)

Pinch Hit Number Four: Just Moments (Mad Men)

(Yes, I can count. I just want to discuss the third one a little later.)

This was a very very very last minute thing. I have said before I don’t feel the need to read or write Mad Men fic. And for the most part, that remains true. But a couple hours before the collection closed, elyn sent out last frantic pinch hits, including one for [personal profile] bowdlerized, who wanted “I'm interesting in seeing Don and Rachel Menken together again--either in a flashback or in the future, if you can find a way to wrangle it. If that doesn't appeal, I also love Don and Peggy's working relationship, and I love Joan, too. In general, I'm most interested in life at Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce) and not at home..” And I thought, I can do that.

So I did. I wrote a 5 Times fic about Peggy and Don and the growth of their relationship. (OK, really, mostly just Peggy.) It is rather sparse, as my fics tend to be anyway, but due to time constraints it was especially abbreviated. But I think I did well enough under the circumstances. But this is one I would love to expand at some point, if only so you can tell who is saying what.

Treats 1&2: Waiting to Play, Practical Legends (The Wire)

I am sure you are all suitably shocked. *crickets*

OK, yes, I realize I am not subtle. There was no chance in hell I wasn’t going to write Wire treats for [personal profile] mjules and [ profile] novembersmith. I suggested (forced) both of them to start watching the Wire as well as to request it. ILTHEM FOR THAT (as well as just in general.)

Jules wanted high school Bunk and Omar and so she got them! My darling huckleberry wanted Omar and Ziggy and so she go them! (See, you should watch the Wire, yes you, so you too can get what you want.)

Both of these were quick things. I actually started and finished both of these on the same day. There is not really much to say about them.

Treats 3: Fine Dining in Baltimore (The Wire)

You know who is awesome? Elyn is awesome. [ profile] everywherestars is awesome. I couldn’t choose who to write for, so I wrote this fic for both of them. Again, this was a last minute thing written on the 20th at about 3am. (I wrote an awful lot that day.)

It is a 5 times Wire fic featuring four times meals were missed and one that wasn’t. I still haven’t decided if the last section is ridiculous or awesome. Again, I wish I had started writing this, say, oh, at the beginning. Because each section is so short. If I had time there would be more letters of the alphabet and more fully realized scenarios rather than the tiny snippets.

There is actually a lot I was trying to do with this stylistically, that because of the time management issues I was not able to work in. The alphabet thing (the POV characters are in alphabetical order), the no one actually eating etc. Originally, all the vignettes were meant to tell the story of Randy’s death. But I never actually managed to get that plotted well enough to include it.

Pictures!!! aka Something I don’t suck as much at!

Click to be taken to the full sized images
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haven: for novembersmith )

love, actually: for mjules )

Pinch Hit Number Three: Meta Yuletide Fic (The Fic You Wish Your Fic Smelled Like)

So yeah. That happened?

Seriously, I am so overwhelmed by the response to this fic. I have never ever received so much fannish love at once. (I am predicting that most people will see who wrote it will go: Who? Or maybe: The crazy Wire lady?) I am not going to lie. When I came up with this idea I knew it would get hits. I just wasn’t sure people would actually like it rather than just wanting to see the train-wreck.

You know how people are always talking about who the most popular this is the quickest thing they wrote? Yeah. That was completely the case for this one. I sat down, typed it up and had it done within a couple hours (except for the footnotes which were a later addition).

But I am thrilled with the response (and I’ll admit, a little scared by it). So:

Hello, Yuletiders. I see you have descended on my journal of thoughts and icon thingies. Are you here to see me write things for you while whistling a tune that perfectly mimics the song of that rare bird you once saw a television special about? Or do you come to witness the perfection I render in pixels of the icon variety while baking cookies that melt in your mouth with bursts of the flavor of awesome?

Oh, it doesn’t matter. I am here (and, I suppose, you are too.). Let us go forth with the merry making and fresh water fish.
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While I was doing my 20in20 icons I realized that I had gotten woefully unused to working on icon size graphics. Somehow that led to me making just under a hundred icons to practice. Ooops?

01 - 15 Doctor Who (All second doctor except for one random Donna icon)
16 - 30 Pushing Daisies
31 - 48 Sherlock
49 - 56 Southland
57 - 88 The Wire (Includes a spoiler for the end of season 4)
88 - 99 Grab Bag (Includes Psych, Generation Kill, Christina Hendricks and random kissing icons)

. .

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109 Multifandom Icons:

01 - 44: Being Human
45 - 65: Merlin
66 - 81: Psych
82 - 89: Pushing Daisies
90 - 109: The Wire

. .

icons behind the cut )

Please credit, and comments are most appreciated.

Textures used from: [profile] discolore, [profile] yunhe, [profile] piemin, [profile] 99mockingbirds, [profile] lookslikerain, [personal profile] oxoniensis, [profile] velvetb0x

icon dump

Aug. 16th, 2009 01:41 pm
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Icon dump time! These were made at various times over the past five months or so, and therefore range quite a bit in style (and really, technical merit.) I will make a custom icon for anyone who can guess which techniques I have learned over that time span.

Fandoms include: Doctor Who (Classic and New), Leverage, Merlin, Pushing Daisies, Psych, The Wire, The West Wing, Life, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Bones, Being Human, Kanye West (shut up, that totally is a fandom) and various celebs.

. .

98 icons under the cut )
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Title: Get Your Kicks
Author: [ profile] attempt_unique
Fandom: Pushing Daisies
Spoilers: general for the series
Pairing: None
Length: 1,000 words exactly
Summary: Olive sets out to get her blue bonnet trimmed, and ends up going on a road trip. Written for round 7 of the [ profile] picfor1000 challenge.

On Route 66 )
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I think iconing (iconning? can i get a ruling on that spelling?) is an addiction (even if it isn't a word). I just keep making more, even when I could be reading/watching T.V./writing. I'll see a pretty picture, or hear a song and go 'I should make an icon of him/her.' And because my tastes are varied and I've never been monofannish, the icons I make are completely random, making it harder for me to justify posting them.

to icon journal or not to icon journal )

Icons are up for grabs, but credit me. A comment letting me know which, if any, you are taking would be awesome. Textless does not equal base.

. . .

01 - 09: Estelle
10 - 17: Lily Allen
18 - 26: Pushing Daisies
27 - 42: Classic Doctor Who (2 era)
43 - 58: Lakshmi Menon (model)
59 - 66: Lupe Fiasco
67 - 69: Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes)

69 icons under the cut )

eh, I probably won't make an icon journal. Flist, i apologize for the many icon posts.
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I have been on an icon making binge lately, with no real rhyme or reason to the subject matter. I don't have the space to use all of them, so I am offering them up. I would appreciate it if you would comment if you take any, and give me credit. The textless icons are not meant to be bases.

Fandoms include Pushing Daisies, The Wire, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Psych and Veronica Mars. There are also high fashion and misc. celebrity icons.


. . .

many more under the cut )

p.s. flist - let me know if any of my coding is off. this is my first mass icon post and i don't want to mess anything up. also, let me know of any communities i could crosspost this to.


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